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I am a Division 1 athlete

I can say with 100% confidence that I WOULD NOT have survived the rigor of Division 1 athletics without Dr. Charlie.

– Chris

I had a herniated disc in my neck with pain and numbness

I had a herniated disc in my neck, I was losing strength in my arm and had debilitating pain from my upper back, through my neck, and down through my arm with numbness. I had been to another physical therapist and chiropractor and was not getting better. I heard that dry needling could help and thankfully found Dr. Charlie online. Within six to 7 treatments, I noticed significant improvement with the pain and range of motion. From the dry needling, soft tissue work, and adjustments, I have since regained all the strength in my arm with no nerve pain and the numbness is gone. 

– Jon

There is no one better for athletes.

He has the ability to use different techniques including cupping and dry needling, which have helped me tremendously.

– Patrick H.

He’s great when you need to get better fast.

Dr. Charlie is a great doctor who always takes care of any problems that you have and will tell you how you can prevent them. Also, he helps with exercises as well and is always fun to talk too. He’s great when you need to get better fast before a game, I strongly recommend to all.

– Rowan K.

I told Dr. Benson today that he is officially my hero!

I was up all night in pain, so I decided to call. He made me feel as if I was the most import person in the world, rushing to help.

– Katrina

Pain Relief From My Chronic Neuropathy

Dr. Charlie is extremely talented and professional. I saw him weekly for over a year for chronic neurological and low back pain. (fibromyalgia/small fiber neuropathy/post-spine surgery). The difference between Charlie and most Chiropractors is that he provides manual therapy to the soft tissues in addition to adjusting the skeletal structures. This means that if your issues are complicated and chronic like mine, he can build a plan to make you feel better and keep you going. His positive attitude and smile are also uplifting for everyone around, especially those suffering in pain. 

– John

5 Stars Are not Enough!

Dr. Charlie is the best, I recommend him to everyone! I experience a lot of lower back and neck pain and 15 mins with him makes me feel brand new. You can tell he stays up to date in his field because he is always willing to try something new if you ask. 5 stars aren’t enough.

– Caitlin

Dr. Charlie is the best!

He taught me the right daily practices to truly continue to help myself. I couldn’t be more thankful that I met him.

– George

It would be a waste to go anywhere else!

I am a D1 lacrosse player and he helps me through the whole year to perform my best! Highly, highly recommend.

– Lizzie S.

Charlie really helped with my migraine

I went to him at the start of a migraine, which are usually debilitating. After the first visit I left able to function again!

– Carl

Finally took the leap & have seen awesome results!

For years I have always had, what I thought was, back pain. Never found a solution that could work to help me out. Finally took the leap and went to visit Dr. Charlie at CK Performance and Chiropractic. Most people think of a chiropractor as just going to adjust them and move onto the next patient, this is everything BUT that. Dr. Charlie takes a look at your full body and what could be causing any discomfort. For me, it wasn't a bad back, but just very tight hips and legs! We've found a regiment that we can follow to be proactive with stretching and alleviating tension outside of my appointments with him. I have seen awesome results thus far. I know many are skeptical of types of work, but I have not only been seeing improvements, but also experiencing less pain! So happy to have found this spot.

– Joe L.

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